Our story

In life's journey there are encounters and connections with people who help us grow in different areas, and this is what we felt when we first met as family, then as couples, and finally as friends and siblings.

We knew that there were fundamental topics of conversation and sharing such as coffee, good food, music, exercise, care for the environment and animals, and love for our country Colombia.

Without intending to, these elements of experiences and conversations began to unite into loose ideas, these ideas began to consolidate and resonate in our hearts in the form of intuition and motivation.

As time goes by we continue to explore, study, and prepare ourselves to begin to shape a world called acopio, and with which we want to fulfill part of our objectives as people who want to leave a positive footprint in the world, and we know that the experiences of wellness, health and happiness will always lead us to this.

Finally we unite the specialty coffee and cacao of Colombian origin, the delicious real food, the moments with friends, family and colleagues, and the continuous learning, to create a world with the smell of a Colombian coffee farm, the taste of fertile soil and vibrant colors.

What is Acopio

It is a Spanish word that means action or effect of gathering, storing, accumulating.

We want to gather, and accumulate memories with friends around coffee and specialty cacao, real and delicious food, learning, wellness and happiness.

Why a

The hummingbird family (Trochilidae) is one of the families with the largest number of species globally: in South America there are 264 recorded species and specifically in Colombia, 177, which places the country at the top of the diversity of this bird.
The screech hummingbird (coruscans) is a large species in the family Trochilidae. The male weighs 7.7 to 8.5 grams (g) and the female between 6.7 and 7.5 g. It has a length of up to 13 cm and its beak is distinguished by being robust, slightly curved and measuring about 25 mm.

This specimen is characterized by its bright colors. Its body is bright green, it has a violet-blue patch starting at the base of the bill, passing under the eyes and extending to the back of the auricular region, and its tail is a bluish-green hue.

During flight, hummingbirds can hover in the same place and are the only birds that have the ability to move in any direction, even backwards, thanks to their highly developed chest and back muscles.

The average flight speed of hummingbirds is 50 kilometers per hour. In addition, they are characterized by being solitary and territorial, and seek their food in the upper parts of vegetation and gardens with a wide variety of flowers. 

Incubation of the hummingbird is carried out by the females and takes place between 17 and 18 days. The breeding period lasts between 20 and 22 days. 

Among the main threats faced by this bird are habitat loss, attack by domestic and feral cats, insecticide poisoning and diseases associated with drinking fountains. 

In Colombia, it is distributed along the three mountain ranges of the Andes and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

In case of encountering a wild animal, people should avoid handling it directly, not throw objects that could hurt them, not catch them to keep them in captivity or as pets, and not feed them in a forced manner.


We want to know your talents and powers, they will probably contribute to continue building this world called acopio, and maybe we can support you in your professional growth process and on your way to fulfill your dreams. 

Send us your HV and tell us your story, dreams, desires, experiences, studies and passions, maybe they will match our purpose.


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